Frequently asked Questions

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To see a list of VENUES and CLIENTS visit our  “CLIENTS” page.

We have GREAT MANY repeat clients (the longest is 17 years).

What KIND OF MUSIC do you play?

We perform a HUGE VARIETY of music that includes the most beloved songs from the

last 60 years to the present. This includes Background, Light Jazz, Yacht Rock, Classic Rock,

R & B, Country, Pop and Current Hits! Our music is age appropriate and never too loud.

We get many compliments on our song selection and are happy to play requests.

We will learn a “special” song or two given at least a 1 month advance notice.

Visit our SONGLIST page to hear and see us on our DEMO and VIDEO pages.

Are you AVAILABLE for my event?

Check our CALENDAR page or email  me ( Contact us even if

your date appears to be taken. Sometimes our schedule does change, or we can switch dates.

What is your COST?

Cost is based on the type of event, number of hours, time of year, day of the week

and travel expenses. Prices are negotiable. We’ll quote an “asking” price for a given

location, number of hours and date. So ask for a quote. It’s okay to make us a counter-offer.


Smaller budget or space? Consider hiring the TROPICS DUO instead of the TRIO.

You’ll get the same great music with 2 lead singers, Guitar, Saxophone and Flute.

The main difference will be less emphasis on harder edged “guitar solo” oriented Rock.

Will you ask for a DEPOSIT?

Yes. A deposit of 50% is usually requested to reserve a date.


A date is “reserved” when a deposit  is received. If there is a delay in receiving a deposit

we will attempt to contact you before giving the date to another party.

Do you use a CONTRACT?

Yes. We’ll emai (or send via U.S mail) a simple one-page contract in the form of a PDF  

stating the date, time and place of the event and the agreed price and details. After we

receive a signed copy of the contract and a deposit check the date will be “reserved”.

What if I need to POSTPONE an event?

If you need to Postpone we’re willing to reschedule on a MUTUALLY ACCEPTABLE date

within 6 months (or so) at no charge. It’s never been a problem.


When you “book” a date we are reserving it for your exclusive use. You are buying

the date as much as the musical performance. We usually require a DEPOSIT.

Refunds: We agree to refund a deposit with 30 days of a “contract date”.

If the cancellation is within 5 months of the event we expect to be PAID IN FULL

as the date will have lost much of it’s value. The TROPICS have never cancelled a date.

If we ever do, we agree to refund any funds already received.

How are PAYMENTS made to The TROPICS?

Personal Check, Cash or VENMO can be useb for payment. The balance will be due on the

date of the performance. All checks should be  made payable to “Greg Boehme”.

What is your RAIN POLICY?.

Electronics, instruments and computers can’t be exposed to waterl. Clients who book us for

outdooor events must pay close attention to the forecast and secure complete protection

(overhead and 3 sides) for our equipment ahead of time. We reserve the right to suspend

our performance in the event of inadequate protection, and expect to be paid in full.     

How much FLOOR SPACE do you need? How long does it take to set up?

We prefer a space at least 20 by 10 feet that is smooth and level. Setup takes about 90

minutes. We can play in a smaller space. Just let us know in advance.

Will you perform “MC” FUNCTIONS? Can we use your microphone?

Yes. We’re always happy to perform as “MC” and be of assistance to you, even during

breaks. Post Covid we avoid sharing mics. However we will usually have one available for you.


We provide many options which include an array of Ceremony music which can include vocals,

saxophone, flute, keyboard and guitar for Procession and Recession.


We perform a large variety of light jazz, songs and ballads, both vocal and instrumental.

We’re happy to play “live” background music for Cocktails or dinner and appropriate recorded

background music during breaks.

How many BREAKS do you take?

For a three hour event we typically play a long first set of 60-70 minutes followed by

two 10-12  minute breaks.  A four hour event would have 2 or 3 t breaks.

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